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Strategy and e-commerce execution for Canadian glasses company Clearly. New product photography, browsing and glasses fitting experiences (MyFit) made buying glasses online less intimidating and more human.

Clearly hero image. School supplies with glasses and paper planes on a notebook sitting on a light blue background.
Teal background with textured pattern
Clearly approached the team with a challenge to help reposition themselves amongst consumers as a top e-commerce provider for vision correction. Once viewed as a wholesale corrective lens company, Clearly had expanded their offerings and provided consumers with high-quality, stylish frames with industry leading corrective lenses from parent company Essilor. There were many ways to approach this request, but the most impactful was introducing new art direction and an e-commerce refresh.
Product grid for Clearly on mobile device
Product grid for Clearly on mobile device
Clearly's e-commerce presence transformed from SKU listings to relatable collections that were easily browsable. Conversion was 85% higher when MyFit was enabled while 30% of all users engaged with MyFit. Clearly saw an 80% increase in conversion success rate (well above the industry average).